Our Process


'If you fail to plan you plan to fail'


With video production so much of end product is reliant on how we begin. Whether your project takes place in Auckland or Bluff it's essential to discuss what is required as this will give a

big indicator on the video will be approached. 



Don't let the heading make you nervous, we always need to employ a plan as to make sure we get the required footage to create our story.

A script can be list of questions to evoke the nessecary

information or it can be more concrete. 

It's our way of making sure we get what we need to do show your business in the best light!


Filming your project

When all the previous steps are in place we book a time and place, we get the nessecary crew involved and we shoot the project.

Get ready for an enjoyable time as we take care of you and your businesses message.


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